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This is the most successful wood restoration product on the market.

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Krud Kutter


I have used this product for years and always delivers with performance.  It really works!

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Shortcut Paint Brush


When these brushes first came out on the market I laughed then when I tried it ... I haven't stop using them.  They have a rubber handle.  "Easy on the hand".

Wood Epox 2 Qt. Restoration (Click to Buy)

Liquid Wood 6 Oz Kit Restoration (Click to Buy)

I have used this product to clean up after paint drips.

This is the most handy paint brush on the market.

Exterior Window Wash This Really Works!

This is a Mold and Mildew Cleaner Wonderful Product!

This is 'Must For Rust' Just Spray on Rust and It Goes Away

These Simple Stand-Offs are Very Useful ... I Use Them.

This is For Sticker Glue and Car Clean-Up "Unbelievable"

This is a Concrete Cleaner ... It Works

Leftover Latex Paint - This Allows You to Throw in The Trash

This Brush Fits on Your Drill and Cleans Great

This is My Favorite Roller Cover for Almost Every Finish

This is The 9" Frame for The Big Wooster Roller

This is The Small Polar Bear Roller Cover

This is a Small Frame To Use With the Small Wooster Roller