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Always looking for people that want to make a difference.

If you are looking to expand your career in the residential and commercial painting field, you may have come to the right place.

Roger Merrill painting company has been in the paint business since 1963, that’s right, since nineteen sixty-three. 

Working on the most prestigious homes and construction. Residential repaint is my forte however commercial work derives about fifteen percent of our total work.

Roger Merrill painting company has resided in California all these years and now relocated to Arizona.  

Working for this company you will discover that I am a hands-on contractor providing direction and education as necessary.  My intension is to teach, train, help, motivate and provide a very compatible work environment for an employee to excel.

At Roger Merrill painting company employees are revered as extremely important to the company and to its’ success.  Roger Merrill creates a ’Team’ workforce that will excel with excellence and productivity.  I believe work is a two way street.

Roger Merrill painting Provides Ongoing Training

As an owner I believe it is very important to value and implement two-way communication. I listen to the ideas and feedback of all employees, no matter what their position is in the organization.  A new idea might be the strategy to take our business to the next level.  One piece of feedback might create a much better working environment.  I will always listen to what employees say and make an effort to put ideas and feedback into action.

Roger Merrill painting Allows Employees to Set Their Own Goals 

I believe team members will take a greater sense of ownership in their work if they are allowed to set their own goals.  Independence and accountability translate into a job well done.  I sit down with each employee to outline a plan of what they hope to accomplish in their position.  I encourage employees to create specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART) goals. 

Then after a few months, revisit the goals you set and see how they are doing.  All the time being their to answer your questions and concerns.

Roger Merrill painting Employees Identify Their Strengths and Explore

After spending time with you, I can pick up on your strengths.  If there is a particular skill set that is identified I will point it out to you and you will be commended and an offer to continue in a specific direction. 

Celebrate a Job Well Done

I will give credit where credit is due and if an employee does an exceptional job, I will tell you.  When jobs are completed on time and on budget this will create a toast to “Job well done”.   In fact, if a job is completed on time and under budget it will be a time for a bonus.

Clear Communication

The way Roger Merrill painting accomplishes goals is through communicating exactly what needs to be done.  I like to be clear and concise to all employees.   I do not want to leave you wondering what the next task is.  I create a clear communication process.

Asking Questions

You will find me asking questions such as “What can Roger Merrill painting company offer you to make your job better?”.   I will always try to implement these tips to keep our employees productive, pleasant and profitable.

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