Restoration of Wood Decks & Cement Driveways - Walkways

Patio Concrete Stain


Sedona Valley Painters has more than forty years installing concrete stain and restoring your cement to a beautiful finish.

Restoring Wood decks!


It is our specialty to restore wooden decks because we understand how to prep the deck for the finish products.

Concrete Driveways


The secret to a successful driveway finish is the expert preparation necessary for a beautiful driveway.

Wood Decks Look New


Wood decks look new again with the proper preparation.  Avoiding the preparation you will fail.

Concrete Patios


We know how to prep concrete to create a beautiful finish.  Sometimes it requires us to strip your existing paint off first.

Custom Garage Coatings


Sedona Valley Painters installs custom garage coatings both solvent epoxy and acrylic epoxy coatings.  Based on the condition of your existing garage floor.

Preparation is most important for a successful finish

Need to Strip Off Coating


If there is an existing deck coating that is peeling or chipping this needs to be striped off first then sanded and this refinished.

Need to Strip Off Coating


Concrete old coatings that are built up or just peeling off need to be striped off before we put a successful finish back.

Concrete Stain


As long as the cement is in good shape we can apply concrete stain.  If the concrete is NOT in good shape we can apply a thin layer of special cement and then use concrete stain.

Wet-Look on Stone


We will apply a special sealer on your stone walkways or interior stone floors with a wet-look or even a non-slip low-luster finish.

Sealer on Interior Stone


Interior stone floors can be cleaned and sealed with special floor finishes to look shinny or low-luster.

Garage Floors


Garage floors are also our specialty because we have been installing finishes for more than forty years.  PS:  Even industrial and airplane hanger floors.

This product saves OLD WOODEN DECKS

One caveat is, we must prepare the wooden deck properly or it will fail.  This should be left to a professional licensed contractor.  Call Roger Merrill at 928-331-0044